Traceability - Organic Cashmere



RAW MATERIAL: LAPOINTE Organic Cashmere is knitted using only the highest quality cashmere fiber from white Hanshan cashmere goats farmed in Inner Mongolia, China. The organic farms emphasize sustainable and ecological farming techniques and engage social responsibility to the land, goats, farmers, and herdsmen. 

DYEING, SPINNING & KNITTING: All dyeing, spinning, knitting, and manufacturing processes are inspected, accessed, and certified annually by ECOCERT according to the Global Organic Textile Standards.  They are also audited according to the ISO 14001 standards of measurement, as well as by the Aid by Trade Foundation for the Good Cashmere Standard, Control Union Global Recycle Standards, and accredited by the Cashmere & Camelhair Manufacturers Institute.

QUALITY CONTROL: Our factory has a comprehensive in-house laboratory to verify quality at every stage of manufacturing. They evaluate fiber purity, fiber diameter and length, yarn count and twist, as well as strength, color matching and fastness, fabric pilling factor, and garment composition.  Each of these elements are integral to the organic process of LAPOINTE cashmere, from the farm to your closet.